DOT (Department of Transportation)

CD Lyon is a DOT certified contractor, complying with the DOT’s Environment Health and Safety (EH&S) standards, and specializing in installing new or rehabilitating and maintaining existing pipelines under the DOT’s jurisdiction.

Design & Build

CD Lyon can work as part of a Design/Construction Team with our Customer’s Engineers or engage Engineers directly to take our Customer’s Project from concept, to budgeting and feasibility studies, through construction, and to a successful startup.

Project Management

CD Lyon has skilled and experienced personnel that can provide Project Management services including Estimating, Scheduling, Subcontractor Coordination, Direct Work Supervision, Design Coordination, and Document Control.

Pipeline Construction & Rehabilitation

CD Lyon constructs new pipelines on racks as well as underground pipelines of various sizes and materials. CD Lyon also specializes in pipeline maintenance, rehabilitation and trenchless installations.

Process Piping

CD Lyon has the shop and field capabilities to field verify/detail, build, test, coat, and install complete piping systems for Onshore and Offshore Process Facilities.

Code Welding

CD Lyon carries an ASME S-Stamp and U-Stamp as well as a NBIC R-Stamp authorizing shop and field manufacture and assembly of power boilers, manufacture of pressure vessels, and repairs and/or alterations of boilers and pressure vessels, respectively.

USL&H Offshore Construction

CD Lyon is a fully USL&H licensed and Insured Contractor authorized to work on Structural and Mechanical components of Offshore Platforms in both State of California and Federal Waters.

Industrial Blasting & Coating

CD Lyon has both Shop and Field Industrial Blasting and Coating capabilities.

Facility Maintenance

CD Lyon provides dedicated and/or continuous crews for routine and ongoing maintenance. CD Lyon will also assemble skilled and experienced crews required to accomplish extensive maintenance and upgrades work during fixed duration plant shutdowns.

Structural Concrete and Steel

CD Lyon can shop and/or field construct, test, erect, blast and coat various structural steel components ranging from moment frames, to underwater high-pressure pipe clamps, to crane pedestals, to suspension bridges. CD Lyon also excavates for, places, or erects new structural concrete foundations and walls. CD Lyon also demolishes and repairs existing concrete structures.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance Management

CD Lyon has experienced and qualified personnel available to track a Project’s progress from material and equipment procurement to completion and then assemble complete Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QAQC) packages tailored to our customer’s needs and applicable code requirements.